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Keep Safe Yourself from Coronavirus – Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

Want to avoid coronavirus? First know about symptoms about this virus.

So far around the world, Novel Coronavirus has been linked to at least 3286+ people in the world have died from the novel coronavirus.

3013+ people in China have died from this virus. There could be around 95,488+ more confirmed cases of the mysterious sickness in the china.

One of the people who died from the Middle East respiratory virus (Coronavirus) is from China. A person was killed by a Novel Corona virus on January 5 in Wuhan province, China.

The Coronavirus originated in the Wuhan area of central China, but cases have also been reported in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, the U.S., Australia and France.

Due to the spread of the virus so fast, the all countries Government has directed a thermal scanner to alert travelers arriving from China at every countries Airports.

Even if in USA, Travelers from China’s Wuhan region are being diverted to five U.S. airports, where they can be screened. It has also announced a consultation for travelers traveling to and from China.

Let’s know what is Novel coronavirus and how it is spreading.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. According to the WHO, the novel coron

avirus is link to seafood. The coronavirus belongs to the virus family and is causing people to become ill.

The virus is also infecting some animals, including camels, cats and bats. In rare cases, the animal can also infect humans. Human-to-human transmission of these viruses is very rare globally.

Mainly coronaviruses transmit between animals, some between animals and people, and others from people to people.

Chinese and WHO (World Health Organization) officials have confirmed some human-to-human transmission of the flu-like illness.

What are the Symptoms?

Corona virus patients usually experience early symptoms such as colds, coughs, sore throats, shortness of breath, fever. These are symptoms then cause pneumonia and kidney damage.

  • Runny Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Feeling of being unwell

In people who are young and healthy, the Coronavirus does not seem to cause severe illness, with symptoms including fever, coughing and shortness of breath.

Reduce your Risk of Coronavirus Infection

  • Clean hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with tissue or flexed elbow
  • Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu like sympoms
  • Thoroughly cook meat and eggs
  • No unprotected contact with live wild or farm Animals.

(Content Credit- WHO)


Here we provide some tips to avoid Coronavirus. You can take the following steps to prevent this virus.

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Avoid going where (china) the virus is spreading first. If you are around a place like this,
  • Keeping the house clean and cleaning the items from outside also bring it home.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If there is no soap, you can use a sanitizer.
  • Cover your entire nose and mouth.
  • Keeping some distance from sick people. The coroner virus sufferers should not use the utensils and remember it. Doing so will keep both the patient and you safe.
  • Avoid eating non-veg especially seafood, as the corona virus only spreads seafood.

If you are mildly sick, keep yourself hydrated, stay at home and rest.

How it spreads?

Human novel coronaviruses spread from an infected person to other through:

  • The air by coughing and sneezing
  • Touching an surface or object with the virus on it, then touching mouth, nose or eyes before washing your mouth.
  • Rarely, fecal contamination
  • Close personal contact, such as shaking or touching hands

Coronavirus Treatment

So far no Treatment or  Vaccine has been made to get rid of the corona virus. Scientists are working to create a vaccine for the treatment of this virus.

If you are concerned about your sign and symptoms, you should see your healthcare provider as soon possible as.

Your risk of severe disease may be higher if you have a weakened immune system.

Corona virus is very new deadly form of virus. China is suffering, may come to your country immediately.

We advice you to avoid any form of ice creams, cold drinks, koolfee, and any type of preserved foods, rough ice, milkshake, ice colas, milk sweets older then 48 hours, for atleast 90 days from today.

Thank you for reading. Furthermore Read daily fitness tips for your health.

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