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How To Stop Bleeding – Super Ultimate Guide

First aid is very important, Learn First Aid Related Information. Primary treatment is most important when it comes to accidents, falls or other injuries on the body.

This treatment is especially important for young children. If first aid is received properly, the person is risk free until further treatment.

The following steps will protect the skin wound.

Why Need First Aid?

Providing first aid causes the wound to heal quickly, stops suddenly from bleeding, and avoids the risk of life.

First Aid eliminates the risk of a person’s life. Bleeding can be prevented by giving primary treatment.

Proper Primary Treatment

Bleeding is the first sign of any wound. If there is bleeding from the ear, nose or mouth, there may be wounds in the chest or abdominal.

If bleeding occurs for up to 10 minutes then pressure can be applied which will prevent bleeding.

A wound stops bleeding due to the process of clot formation called coagulation.

Bleeding can be prevented by emphasizing where the wound or cut with a clean cloth, tissue or piece of gauze bleeding stops.

  • If the bleeding is in the foot or hand, keep it high in the air so that the bleeding is slow.
  • Clean hands before the first treatment so that the infection does not occur.
  • Control the bleeding before trying to clean the wound.
  • If the cut is small, wash it out with soap and water.
  • Apply an antiseptic cream to clean the wound. It does not get infected.
  • Never clean the wound with water.

In some cases, iodine or hydrogen peroxide may be used to cleanse the wound. However, it should only be used under expert supervision.

What to do in a bleeding emergency?

Primary treatment of the wound is necessary, but it is also important to know how large or large the wound is. If there is excessive bleeding from the wound, first make an emergency call.

In this case, an emergency call is required before first aid. If too much blood goes into the blood, the person may feel dizzy or may become unconscious.

So put the person in the right place so that he is not likely to fall.

Some changes in a person’s body can start to appear in the chest. So keep an eye on the person constantly until emergency help arrives.

Treating Common Bleeding Problems

Follow below tips to control the bleeding in the human body.

  • Drugs that help blood to clot
  • A vitamin K injection
  • Blood plasma or platelet transfusions
  • Other medications to treat platelet problems. These include hydroxyurea and oprelvekin (Neumega).

Contact Doctor After Primary Treatment

After competition of primary treatment, if wound is deep or any situation like below,we suggest you to contact doctor and get proper advice.

  • Providing first aid, return to the doctor immediately if the blood stops or diminishes.
  • If the skin becomes lifeless around the wound, see a doctor immediately.
  • Even if the skin becomes red around the wound, see the doctor immediately.
  • If the pain does not stop or feel relief after the first treatment, see the doctor immediately.

Do emergency call or Contact the doctor immediately if:

  • You cannot stop the bleeding.
  • The wound starts bleeding again after one hour.
  • There are signs of arterial bleeding for example a deep wound with pulsing, bright red bleeding.
  • You suspect that your child has internal bleeding.
  • Your child has signs of shock (feeling sleepy, woozy, or lightheaded) or circulatory failure.

Thank You for reading, If you need any more information, please do comment below, our health expert get back to you.

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