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Facts About Cellulitis and Cellulite – Treatments & How to prevent

If you have blurred lines on your back or on your waist or lower abdomen, let it be known that you are not the only person in the world who has it, but about 80% of women have it since teenage years.

We are also telling you that if these dirt lines are actually cellulite, they are not harmful to you at all.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the fat cells in body that accumulate in the buttocks, joints or even the skin of the abdomen.Since cellulite does not affect your life in any way, it does not make any difference in your life.

Cellulite and cellulitis both affect the lower layers of the skin in human body. Just so far the two are in common with each other. The cellulitis contains tonsils, spondylitis and arthritis is considered as inflammation.

On the other hand, cellulitis is a pus deposited on the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by bacterial infections. In some cases, cellulitis is also caused by an infection caused by flashing bacteria.

Although there is such a difference between cellulite and cellulitis, there is confusion among people about the understanding of both. And that is because they both look alike, because their names are almost identical. Because of one science rule, some health conditions are named according to their body part and their symptoms. The same has happened here.

Is Cellulite contagious? According to Health Experts, It is not contagious. You cannot catch the disease by touching someone who has it.

What is cellulitis?

Cellulitis is a type of bacterial infection. It is most commonly caused by Staphylococcus aureus and some other Streptococcus species.

It can occur on any part of the body. When it comes to its symptoms, the skin becomes red, a little sore, a little swollen and the part of the body that is suffering from it is a little bit hot.

Generally, patients with such a physical problem experience pain before they experience any ulceration on the skin. In healthy people, the skin turns red due to cellulitis.

Gradually, the area of ​​redness increases and suddenly decomposes, which means that the infection reaches the blood. If this problem occurs to someone with diabetes, it worsens faster than normal people and they have to suffer serious consequences.

In addition to cellulitis, there is a necrotizing fasciitis, which is a deadly infection that can spread by flash-killing bacteria. These bacteria enter the body through ulcers as well as some injured spots. Your doctor will be able to give you a physical examination to tell you how you got the infection.

Is cellulitis contagious? Cellulitis is not usually spread from person to person. You have at risk of cellulitis if you have an injury, such as a cut, fracture, burn or scrape.

In severe cases of cellulitis, the patient may experience severe skin rash or severe rashes as well as problems with dead tissue.

Can Cellulitis Prevent?

It is not possible to prevent cellulitis once it is done, but it can be prevented.

Most infections are caused by the body through your nails. That’s why you should always keep your hands clean. Whenever you go to a natural spot, you should immediately cleanse your hands – If you have a wound on your skin while cooking, always keep it clean. You can clean it with soap, antiseptic or water. We suggest you to always cover your wound so it doesn’t get infected.

People who are diabetic or who have a health problem that causes their blood circulation to be disturbed are at higher risk of getting this infection. That is why they should take special care of their skin and protect it from being scratched or bruised.

Cellulitis treatment

If you have ever had a rash that is painful, you should visit your doctor right away and be cured. Your doctor may also advise you to take some antibiotics if you see any bacterial infection. Don’t fall into the trap of home remedies or home treatments.

But if your doctor does not know of any signs of infection in your problem, he will give you some medicines as well as antimicrobial therapy.

If obese people and those who have severe peripheral vascular disease that cannot get blood to the thighs and thighs, the doctor will advise that they should do IV therapy. Done.

If your infection goes too deep, the doctor will immediately perform your surgical inspection and try to remove it.

If any of the following symptoms appear in your body, you should immediately go to a doctor.

  • High temperature
  • Reddening the skin
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Skin with cool, oily, pale, purple rashes
  • Filling often, such as being unconscious or getting dark, is often confused.

In some cases, the patient loses his senses and does not respond. In such circumstances, they should be admitted to the hospital immediately.

So now you can understand the difference between cellulite and cellulitis.

Cellulite is not only dangerous for you, but cellulitis can be dangerous for you. So if you notice any such symptoms in your body, it is important to take note of it.

Frequently Asked Questions of Cellulite and Cellulitis

What is the main cause of cellulitis?

The most common bacteria that cause cellulitis. Most commonly streptococcus and staphylococcus, enter through a crack or break in your skin.

Why is cellulitis so painful?

Cellulitis is painful because It is a bacterial infection in the deeper layers of skin.

How dangerous is cellulitis infection?

Cellulitis Infections can spread deep into the body and can be life threatening. If it not treated promptly, The infection develops suddenly and can spread through the human body quickly.

Is ice good for cellulitis?

Ice are common adjuvant therapies used to help mediate the inflammatory process in Cellulitis.

Can I shower with cellulitis?

You can bathe or shower normally and pat the area dry with a clean towel. Do not use any antibiotic ointments or creams.

Can I exercise with cellulitis and cellulite?

Exercise in good in cellulitis & cellulite . To prevent cellulitis, protect skin from cuts, bruises and scrapes.

Can I workout with cellulitis while on antibiotics

Hold off on lower body stress until finished with the ABC (antibiotic). You may do some isometric exercises while the leg is up. And be aware of the frequent allergic reactions. Restrict exercise to upper body, remember we want swelling to go down, not up, so keep that foot elevated.

Doctor’s suggestion is important in Cellulitis ?

Cellulitis must be identified by a knowledgeable competent practitioner who can process the correct treatment pathway, as prompt action will minimize distress and pain for the patient.

Why do women get cellulite more than men?

Main reason is… in women, for every one beta receptor in the thigh, there are nine alpha receptors while in Men have one layer of fat throughout their entire body and a one-to-one alpha- and beta-receptor ratio.

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