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Did anyone ever tell you that you smell bad? Try these home remedies, and remove the odor coming from the body.

No one wants to have body odor. It is embarrassing. You can read here Body Odor Causes and Home Treatment or Remedies. Let’s start with the causes of the Body Odor.

What Causes Body Odor?

Body odor is caused by bacteria breaking down sweat and all other causes given below.

  • Sweating,
  • Shifts in hormone levels,
  • Environment,
  • Things you eat,
  • Medications you take and
  • Underlying disorders.

Above all are the main causes of the Body Odor, Now next we tell you how to Remove the odor of the body.

Everybody does the cleanliness of the body, but still some people have bad smells. Regardless of the season, some people have to suffer from the odor that surrounds them.

Sometimes this is the cause of eating disorders and the genetic hormone responsible. However, if you try some tips you can get rid of body odor to a great extent.

Now let’s know some tips on how to eliminate body odor.

Home Treatment for Body Odor

Here are 8 tips to help you reduce body odor and keep yourself smelling as fresh as a daisy:

Alum and mint leaves

Put the Alum and mint leaves in the bath water for half an hour before bathing. Bathing with this water will relax your body and make you feel very refreshed and helps to get rid of the problem of sweating.

If you wish, you can bathe the perfume and rose water in warm water. This type of bath helps keep your body fresh throughout the day. With this remedy you can always get rid of body odor.

Baking Soda

Baking soda helps a lot in preventing sweat odors.

For this, make a paste by mixing water and lemon juice in baking soda and keep this paste in the underarms for 10 minutes. After that clean it with fresh water.

In any part of the body you get sweat, rubbing Potato slices on that part can help you get rid of sweaty odor.

Use of Basil

Basil can be used to remove odors caused by sweat from the body. To use basil, mix some drops of tea tree oil with basil leaves and make a paste. Keep this paste on the body for a while.

Then you rinse the area where the paste is applied with clean water. This remedy of Tulsi and Tea Tree Oil can help in removing the odor in your body.

Use of Lemon Juice

The most common cause of odor coming from the body is sweating and sweat causing bacteria. Lemon contains natural acid which is helpful in killing bacteria.

So that you can apply lemon juice daily in the under arms after bathing, so that bacteria from the under arms can be eliminated.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Be Used

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda remedies are considered to be extremely effective remedies for removing body odor as well as for nourishing it.

Applying cider vinegar and baking soda paste can eliminate odors from sweat in the body. Using this paste helps to keep the body healthy by eliminating the bacteria.

Keep The Body Clean

Moisture is one of the main causes of bacteria in our body. In areas of the body where moisture is high, the bacteria penetrate easily and grow very quickly.

Be careful not to sweat as much as possible.

Maximum Water Intake

The toxins contained in the body can often be removed from the body through outward sweat. Therefore, you should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day.

So that sweat helps to keep the body hydrated by eliminating the water deficiency.

Avoid Spicy Food

In today’s generation there is a trend of eating junk food. Eating too much of this junk food and eating outdoors can increase the toxins in the body

So that the body through its natural process sweeps out the toxins contained in the body, this causes more smells from your body.

If you want to avoid the odor, you should not consume spicy or fried items.

Prevent Strong Body Odor

  • Bathe, wear clean clothes, and use deodorant.
  • Clean and care for your teeth and mouth.
  • Keep your mouth moist and your body dry.
  • Avoid eating onions, garlic, and other strong smelling foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wool will help in Body Odor?

Likewise Wool has a number of unique moisture management properties that allow it to minimize the effects of body odor.

Why do teens develop body odor when they enter puberty?

As you enter puberty, the puberty hormones affect glands in your skin, and the glands make chemicals that smell bad.

What causes body odor to change?

Changes to body odor may be due to puberty, excessive sweating, or poor hygiene. 

Is body odor a sign of puberty ?


Is body odor genetic?

Generally Body odor has a well built genetic basis, but can also be strongly influenced by various diseases and physiological conditions.

Which foods cause body odor?

All Spicy Foods

Can body odor kill you?


Will detox help body odor?

Yes, Detox will help you to get rid of Body Odor.

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