Yoga – History of Yoga, Types, Yoga and Aging, Flexibility & Dos and Don’ts

Yoga is an extremely popular activity today. Once practiced mainly in the East Yoga has attracted more and more Western practitioners. People are attracted to yoga for its health benefits, especially its capacity to create a relaxed mind and body.

Most people practicing yoga in the west practice Asana yoga. Asana yoga is designed to cultivate the mind and body in a manner that is conducive to long periods of meditation. Physical strength and stamina are key components of Asana yoga.

Hatha yoga is the term used to mean a set of physical exercises. The exercises of hatha yoga are meant to align skin, muscles and bones. In addition, hatha seeks to open the channels of the body so that energy can flow freely.

In many forms of yoga a mantra is used. Om is a mantra that is often chanted at the beginning and end of a yoga session. Ancient yogis used this mantra to indicate the vibrations of the universe.

History of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice and has been in existence for millennia. The word yoga comes from the Sanskirt word yuj. Yuj is often interpreted to mean union or a method of practice.

It is believed that an Indian Sage named Patanjali created one of the first comprehensive guides on yogi. The book, called Yoga Sutra, was created approximately 2,000 years ago. This collection still serves as the basis for most forms of yoga practiced today.

The Yoga Sutra outlined the eight limbs of yoga as follows: the yamas (restraints), niyamas (observances), asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), dharana (concentration), dhyani (meditation), and samadhi (absorption).

There are many branches of yoga. In Raja yoga the focus is on meditation. Karma yoga states that what we experience today is a result of past actions. In Bhakti yoga the focus is on channeling emotions in a positive manner. The various branches of yoga offer something for every taste and style.

The Types of Yoga

Confused by the many types of yoga? With all the different styles and variations, it’s no wonder. Don’t let it get you down.

This article will give an overview of the eight most popular styles of yoga; iyengar, kundalini, bikram, ashtanga, power, hatha, kripalu, and sivanda. Let us shed some light on these and you’ll be a yoga pro in no time!

The three types of yoga you may have heard of are hatha yoga, power yoga and bikram yoga. These are the most popular in this day and age. Hatha yoga is the style of yoga most practiced today. It is what you will think of when you think of yoga in general. Power yoga is a more aerobic-style yoga, with an emphasis on cardio. Bikram yoga is a style of yoga performed in a heated room to accelerate detoxification. These are the types of yoga you will most likely encounter.

In addition to power yoga, there are two other styles of yoga designed for the more aerobic and fitness conscious person. These are iyengar yoga and ashtanga yoga. These are the types of yoga that will give you a strong cardio workout and are fast flowing and precise for those looking more for extreme fitness.

One of the types of yoga that might sound familiar to you is kundalini yoga. The kundalini is considered by many cultures to be the life force within us that can be awakened. This theory is applied to meditation, belly dancing and also yoga. Kundalini yoga concentrates on charkas in the body to generate a spiritual power.

The types of yoga that are more obscure and less heard of today are kripalu yoga and sivanda yoga. Kripalu yoga utilizes practices from many different wisdom traditions. It also includes health sciences, psychology and consciousness. It makes for a much more intensive life improvement plan than just a yoga class. Sivanda yoga is very similar to kripalu yoga in that it focuses on many aspects, including meditation, as part of its basic practice.

Yoga and Aging

There are many theories about the effects of exercise and aging, but according to yoga philosophy, it’s the flexibility of the spine, not the number of years, that determines a person’s age.

How does it work? The theory is that yoga slows down the aging process by giving elasticity to the spine, firming up the skin, removing tension from the body, strengthening the abdominal muscles, eliminating the possibility of a double chin, improving the tone of flabby arm muscles, correcting poor posture and preventing dowager’s hump.

Magic? Nah, just dedication and hard work. Besides making you look younger, yoga can also help you feel younger with heightened mental prowess. Longer life often result from following yogic ways of health maintenance.

Yoga can minimize wrinkles and reduce stress. It may also rejuvenate the skin’s glow by reducing oxidative stress, which breaks down skin’s elasticity. Yoga can also slow weight gain, keeping you fit and trim. Practicing can also help you ease pain as you body recovers more quickly. Yoga has been known to help sleep more comfortably. Levels of the brain’s natural nighttime sedative, melatonin, decrease with age, but an Indian study found that when 15 men, ages 25 to 35, practiced yoga daily for 3 months, their melatonin levels increased.

The practice of yoga provides increased resistance to disease, producing a healthy, strong body with increased immunity against disease. This increased resistance extends from the common cold to serious diseases like cancer.

Yoga can also increase your mental sharpness, helping keep the stress hormone cortisol in line. Elevated amounts may contribute to age-related memory problems. Yoga affects all the important determinants of a long life: the brain, glands, spine and internal organs.

Yoga can increase vitality, rejuvenate the glands, improve vision and hearing and result in a positive mental and emotional state. You will feel more confident and enthusiastic and more creative in your everyday life.

Yoga and Flexibility

Chances are, if you have heard about yoga; you already know just how important flexibility is to the practice of yoga. Not only does it usually improve flexibility as a practitioner of yoga, it can also help to relieve any tension your body might feel due to poor flexibility.

Yoga and it’s ability to aid in flexibility training, is used frequently in conjunction with medical treatment for many diseases. Yoga can even help prevent your body from undergoing any unnecessary pain or discomfort of chronic disorders. Allowing your limbs and joints the flexibility and durability that they need throughout life.

It is thought that flexibility can help to prevent energy blockage. Of which is thought to cause many different mental and physical ailments. For this reason utilizing yoga as a boost to your flexibility is a great idea in anyone’s life.

While you might try to find reasons not to practice yoga for flexibility. Whether you think you simply don’t have the time, or money to get involved.

You can rest assured that there is a yoga class that fits any schedule, any budget, and any level of expertise. Which can help make yoga the perfect fitness regiment for everyone! Not only will you be gaining flexibility through yoga. But you will be getting healthier, happier, and will find that yoga will help you to alleviate any daily stress. Remember, you should never neglect yourself.

If there is pain with any of your joints or limbs; chances are you need to work on your personal flexibility. However, with any new exercise you should talk with your family doctor. They will be able to point you to the right class for your needs.

Much like any other workout program, yoga can be targeted to one or another key goals that you might wish to accomplish. Many yoga teachers may offer one-on-one sessions or multi-student classes specializing in flexibility.

Making it easier than ever to find your body’s limits of flexibility, ease any pain or discomfort you might feel in your joints, and get fit! What are you waiting for? It’s time to find a the perfect yoga flexibility course near you!

Yoga Dos and Don’ts

As with any other workout, yoga does have it’s do’s and don’ts. While you might consider them to be “rules”, they are in place simply to keep you and everyone around you safe!

Yoga is meant to be stress-free and calming. However, if you or everyone around you isn’t practicing a sense of courtesy; you aren’t going to enjoy your session as much as you should.

Some of the most common do’s and don’ts of practicing yoga are:

  • Always remove your shoes! While your class might not require you to leave them at the front door, some people will still walk around with their shoes on. The yoga environment should be free of contaminants. Making it important for everyone to leave their shoes at the front door! (Or a designated area).
  • Always turn off your cell phones. This isn’t just common courtesy at a movie theater! Everyone around you has paid to learn yoga from your yoga-master. While it might be your first-response to answer your phone in the middle of this relaxing session. It simply isn’t courteous to anyone in your class, or even yourself! If you think there might be an emergency, make sure to give those important to you the phone number to the yoga studio. They will be able to contact you throughout your class without interrupting everyone else.
  • Always, always always be on time to your class! Nothing is worse than being interrupted during an asana. If you are running more than ten minutes late, you should re-schedule for a different class if you can.
  • Always try to keep your bathroom visits before the class begins. While it might be needed during class, you should try to hit the toilet during a time of rest. Making the least interruption possible.
  • Never skip the final relaxation period! While it might be common for some people to just jump right out at the end of their class. The Savasana is important to calm your mind.
  • Never eat too much before your yoga session! Try for a light snack or salad before your yoga class.
  • Never drink water throughout your yoga class, as it can be distracting. However make sure to hydrate well before and after class.
  • Do not wear clothing that’s too loose. Always wear comfortable yoga appropriate clothing.

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Skin Diseases

Basics of Skin Cancer – Types of Cancers, Treatments, Dos and Don’ts

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You will get complete basic information about Skin Cancer, Types of Cancers, Treatments, Principle of Dos and Don’t in Skin Cancer.

There changed into as soon as a time, whilst most cancers was a disease that turned into considered uncommon and something that was nearly unheard of, for most people.

Today, the docs stumble upon a growing wide variety of those who are being stricken by the same. What is alarming is that there are such a lot of kinds of cancers these days and that many times detecting them turns into a hard assignment.

One of the most common types of most cancers encountered nowadays is skin cancer, and in most cases, the cause behind the equal is that humans are not taking care of themselves and are not being sun secure. What is critical to recall is that if the skin most cancers is detected properly in time, it can be dealt with and even cured.

What is Pores and Skin Most Cancers?

When there is an out of control growth of pores and skin cells that are not regular, it’s far called pores and skin cancer. This sort of most cancers happens whilst DNA of skin cells get broken and has now not been repaired. This results in mutation, genetic defects and could also lead to tumours and malignancy.

Why Skin Cancer Needs To Be Handled Straight Away?

If the situation is detected in its preliminary tiers, it is exceedingly clean to deal with the most cancers and to even eliminate it completely. In addition, early detection will also ensure that the circumstance does not spread to different parts of the body.

In order to receive early treatment, it’s far critical which you learn how to study your pores and skin, which in flip will make sure that you are capable of stumble on the circumstance, well earlier.

What Are The Kinds of Cancers?

In order to deal with skin cancer, figuring out the sort of most cancers is the most critical step of all. There are certainly 3 styles of skin cancers:

Basal Mobile Carcinoma (BCC)

This is perhaps the most commonplace kind of pores and skin cancer and is honestly much greater common, as compared to the opposite kinds of pores and skin cancers. This form of most cancers arises from the basal cells, which might be in reality gift in the private layers of the dermis.

The preliminary presentation is probably in the form of a bump or sore, that does not heal. It can also present within the shape of a patch of pores and skin, that is pink and irritated. Most of the instances, the areas of the skin that are constantly uncovered to daylight, which include face, ears and scalp are stricken by basal cellular carcinoma. If the situation is recognized well in time, treating and curing it, is viable.

Squamous Cellular Carcinoma (SCC)

Initiating in the squamous cells, this type of cancer too infests inside the epidermis. The condition may additionally present itself within the shape of skin crusting or scaling.

The location should turn out to be purple and inflamed and there will be bumps, which do now not heal. While the situation is visible most typically in areas that are constantly exposed to daylight, it may surely show up itself in any a part of the body. With early treatment, the situation can be stopped from spreading.


This is the maximum dangerous kind of skin cancer arising from the pigmented skin cells. If the situation is not recognized properly inside time, it may result in demise; however, this type of most cancers can be handled and cured with minor surgical procedures. But if the cancer starts to spread within the body, then curing it may be quite the tough project.

What Are The Main Treatments For Pores and Skin Cancer:

If the condition has been detected properly inside time, there are positive techniques and treatments, that can remedy the cancer. Some of the most typically used procedures include:

Wide Nearby Excision

The tumour is removed the usage of surgical procedure, and a small portion of the tissues, surrounding the tumour is also removed.

Mohs Surgery

The pores and skin cancer is removed in a completely unique manner


The tumour is destroyed the use of bloodless treatment

Laser Surgery

The cancer cells are vaporized using laser

Curettage and Desiccation

The skin most cancers is eliminated through strategies including scraping and cauterization

Topical Chemotherapy

Prescribed medicines, within the shape of lotion or creams, will have to be applied on the skin, where the most cancers has manifested itself

Laser Treatments For Pre-cancerous Growths

A laser is used to remove the skin conditions that would ultimately grow to be skin cancer

Photodynamic Therapy for pre-cancerous growths – Special medications, referred to as photosensitizing sellers, are combined with light therapy and those are utilised for the eradication the faulty cells.

What Are The Principle Dos and Don’ts?

Here are the matters that you ought to do:

  • Try to minimise the time you spend in the sun, mainly among 10 inside the morning and a couple of in the afternoon, which is while the rays of the sun are the most powerful.
  • Wear apparel in order to offer protection in opposition to the solar, consisting of sun shades and hats with extensive brims
  • Make sure that you use sunscreen on a normal foundation, and pick out one in order to offer you safety towards UVA in addition to UVB.
  • Avoid synthetic tans, tanning beds and tanning gadgets as much as feasible.
  • Learn the way to regarded the ABCDEs of pores and skin most cancers lesions:

A: Asymmetry
B: Border irregularity
C: Colour variability
D: Diameter boom
E: Evolving nature

  • If you observe any pores and skin lesions or moles, then it would be pleasant which you go to a dermatologist straight away.

Here are the stuff you ought to keep away from doing:

  • If you word any signs of pores and skin cancer, do now not ignore them, and make certain that you have them screened by using a health practitioner.
  • Rather than going to a standard practitioner, it might make experience to fulfill a dermatologist, due to the fact they would be able to offer better advice.
  • If the situation is identified as pores and skin most cancers, do not turn away from asking questions and further remedy.

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Skin Diseases

Skin Cancer – Symptoms, Types, Treatments & Risk Factors

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You will get fact about Skin Cancer’s Types, Signs and Symptoms, Risk Factors, how to save you and How Skin Cancer is Treated?

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Cancer is one of the most feared illnesses a number of the individuals, and people laid low with it are also in worry, but the first-rate way to eliminate the fear from the most cancers disease is with the aid of detecting the most cancers at the early degree and getting the scope of removal of it from your body.

What is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is the most commonplace cancer.  According to one estimate, about 5.4 million basal and squamous mobile cancers are recognized every year. (These are determined in approximately three.Three million Americans; some people have a couple of.)

Melanoma, the maximum lethal form of skin cancer, will account for approximately seventy six, approx 5 million instances of skin most cancers in 2019.

The article explains about Skin cancer and its causes. Skin cancer is a commonplace and regionally detrimental (malignant or cancerous) increase of the pores and skin.

It originate from the cells that line up along the skin membrane that separates the superficial layer of skin from the deeper layers. Unlike cutaneous cancerous cancer, the substantial majority of these kinds of skin cancers have a restrained ability to unfold to different elements of the body and end up existence-threatening.

Types of Skin Cancer

There are normally 3 most important varieties of Skin cancer

  • Basal mobile carcinoma (maximum not unusual)
  • Squamous mobile carcinoma
  • Melanoma (which originate from the pigment producing pores and skin cells)

Basal Cell Carcinoma (Most Common)

Basal cellular carcinoma is the most not unusual most cancers in humans. Over 1 million new instances of basal cell carcinoma are recognized inside the U.S. Every 12 months.

There are several extraordinary kinds of basal cellular carcinoma, which include the superficial type, the least worrisome variety; the nodular kind, the most common; and the morpheaform, the most challenging to treat due to the fact the tumors frequently develop into the surrounding tissue (infiltrate) with out a nicely-described border.

Squamous Mobile Carcinoma

Squamous cellular carcinoma accounts for approximately 20% of all it however is more not unusual in immunosuppressed humans. In maximum times, its biologic behavior is much like basal cell carcinoma with a small but great chance of distant spread. Less not unusual include cancer, Merkel cell carcinoma, peculiar fibroxanthoma, cutaneous lymphoma, and dermatofibrosarcoma.


The most dangerous form of cancer, those cancerous growths increase when unrepaired DNA damage to pores and skin cells (most usually as a result of ultraviolet radiation from sunshine or tanning beds) triggers mutations (genetic defects) that lead the pores and skin cells to multiply hastily and form malignant tumors.

These tumors originate inside the pigment-generating melanocytes inside the basal layer of the epidermis. Melanomas often resemble moles; some develop from moles. The majority of melanomas are black or brown, however they can also be skin-colored, red, purple, purple, blue or white.

Melanoma is brought on particularly with the aid of severe, occasional UV publicity (often leading to sunburn), specifically in folks who are genetically predisposed to the ailment. Melanoma kills an anticipated 10,one hundred thirty human beings inside the US annually.

If melanoma is recognized and handled early, it’s far almost usually curable, however if it is not, This can increase and spread to different parts of the frame, where it becomes difficult to treat and can be fatal.

Risk Factors

Risk factors for skin most cancers include:

  • Too an awful lot publicity to ultraviolet (UV) radiation (from daylight or tanning beds and lamps)
  • Pale skin (without problems sunburned, does not tan an awful lot or in any respect, natural red or blond hair)
  • Exposure to big quantities of coal tar, paraffin, arsenic compounds, or positive types of oil
  • You or individuals of your own family have had pores and skin cancers
  • Multiple or uncommon moles
  • Severe sunburns inside the past
  • Weakened immune device
  • Older age (despite the fact that melanomas are also observed in younger people)

Signs and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Signs and symptoms of pores and skin most cancers

Skin cancer may be located early, and you and your fitness care carriers play key roles in locating pores and skin most cancers. Learn how to examine your pores and skin for changes. If you have got any of these signs and symptoms, see a issuer:

  • Any change in your skin, specifically within the length or color of a mole, growth, or spot, or a brand new increase (even supposing it has no shade)
  • Scaliness, roughness, oozing, bleeding, or a alternate inside the manner a place of pores and skin appears
  • A sore that does not heal
  • The spread of pigment (colour) past its border, inclusive of darkish coloring that spreads past the brink of a mole or mark
  • A change in sensation, inclusive of itchiness, tenderness, or pain

How to Save You?

Many sorts of most cancers may be prevented via fending off triggers that motive tumors to increase. Prevention techniques encompass protection from the solar by means of the use of sunscreens, defensive clothing, and avoidance of the sun at some stage in the peak hours of nine AM to three PM.

Parents need to make certain kids are protected from the solar. Do now not use tanning beds, which are a primary reason of extra ultraviolet light publicity and a tremendous threat element for skin most cancers.

How Skin Cancer is Treated?

In choosing the best remedy alternative, your medical doctor will consider your age and fashionable health, the sort and length of cancer, where it is for your frame and what you need. The remedy preference may even rely on whether the skin most cancers has spread somewhere else in your body.

Types of treatment consist of:

  • Surgery
  • Freezing
  • Scraping
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy

Skin cancer is the most commonplace form of most cancers within the many countries. The  maximum common sorts are basal mobile most cancers and squamous cell most cancers. They typically form on the head, face, neck, hands, and fingers. Another type of pores and skin cancer, melanoma, is greater dangerous however less not unusual.

Anyone can get skin cancer, but it’s far more commonplace in people who,

  • Spend a number of time in the solar or have been sunburned
  • Have mild-colored pores and skin, hair, and eyes
  • Have a member of the family with skin most cancers
  • Are over age 50

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