What is Nude Yoga?

Nude yoga, otherwise known as the means of practicing yoga in the buff. Has begun to increase in it’s popularity world wide.

However, most of the growth can be seen here in the western society. Especially as we begin to grow overall as a community. Accepting things that might have otherwise been deemed as “outside of the norm”.

Naked Yoga- beautiful art form will never go out of style

Some practices can even be found involving children and whole families. However, most of those practices are otherwise non-existent here in the western world. Mostly limited to country’s such as Scandinavia and other more accepting cultures.

Finding of Nude Yoga

This newly popularized form of yoga has been in western society since the nineteen sixties to till times. Being founded at the Esalen institute of California.

It has been immortalized in film in both nineteen sixty eight in the film “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice”, as well as the nineteen seventy four films “Harrad Experiment” and ” Naked Yoga”.

Midnight Yoga for Men

However, despite it’s film debut nude yoga wasn’t as accepted as it is now. Simply because in the sixties our minds were still closed to the idea of public (or even un-warranted home) nudity. It simply wasn’t done! Luckily, our society has grown as a whole. Allowing us to practice yoga as we were intended, all natural!

Why Nude Yoga Practitioners Shy Away?

In New York an American native named Jay Adev founded a new all men’s group in nineteen ninety eight called “Midnight Yoga for Men”. While this is a popular group, there are many common mis-conceptions about a group of men, who practice yoga in the buff together.

Despite the fact that this perception is often times wrong, that all of it’s participants are gay. It is the unfortunate fact of our society’s criticism of even the most natural practices.

practice yoga as we were intended, all natural

For this reason, many of our nude yoga classes and practitioners are often times underground. Rather than face the crude stairs and un-called for complaints.

Many of the nude yoga practitioners shy away from taking this practice into the open. Whether it be an all female, all male, or co-ed class.

There will always be someone who is uncomfortable sharing their new way of life with others. However, despite the bad rep that many of these nude yoga groups may get. The practice of this beautiful art form will never go out of style!

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