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Best Way To Setting Up A Meditation Room

Hello Friends, today we give perfect answer of how to setting up a meditation room and what are the things consider while create a meditation space in your home.

Below given meditation room ideas will surely help you to set up a calm meditation space at home.

When designing the perfect meditation room for your own personal use, one must keep in mind that the overall theme will be that of peace and serenity. These two words, though they have the same literal definition, have a decidedly different meaning for everyone.

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The perfect meditation room for one individual will likely seem slightly flawed to another. To be more precise, one person’s idea of serenity may not be another’s.

One person may connect serenity and peace to sitting on a deserted beach, while another would consider it to be at the heart of a forest at sunset with the sound of hundreds of Crickets chirping. In reference to the perfect peaceful setting, no two individuals are alike.

What Are The Things Consider While Setting Up Meditation Room?

The first thing to take into consideration is your space. Of course, you will want your Yoga mat to be in the very center of the room. Other than a small table in all four corners of the room (against the walls), you will want no other pieces of furniture present.

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This is to give you the impression of free space, without being boxed in or crowding. A tight space or cluttered room is anything but relaxing.

As for the four small tables, these are for two separate things. Two tables in opposite corners will be for incense.

When choosing the incense, be picky. Every scent is not for everyone. Some will prefer stronger smelling incense while others will go for a smoother, creamier scent. There are literally thousands of scents to choose from.

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One of the final two tables will be for your CD player. Now this is not just for any music, but purposefully present for the sole reason of playing CD’s of nature sounds. Again, the sounds will likely vary from person to person, and there are many to choose from. Many people seem to prefer the sounds of waves crashing on the beach while others find peace in the wind whistling through the trees.

The final table is for a lamp. Your lamp needs to be one that has adjustable lighting, where you can brighten or dim it to your own personal preference. However, if you prefer, you can strategically place candles all around the room, scented or unscented.

Designing of Meditation Space

The overall design here is to create, through your senses, the perfect real world setting to emulate your ideal mental environment. If, for example, the most peaceful moment of your life were spent sitting on a lakeshore at dusk, then your room would need sounds of frog, minimal lighting, an outdoorsy cedar scent, and maybe a breeze. The breeze could be achieved with a small fan.

You see, with the right equipment, the perfect furnishings, you can close your eyes, develop the mental picture of that moment in time, and actually achieve the complete sensation of being there.

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Take your time with your meditation room. Make sure that everything is as it should be. If done right, you will find this to be your haven from the world.

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