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Conscious Living is About Taking Control of Your Life

In a very complex world we live in, living consciously may seem to an easy task at first glance. But look far and you will see layered complexities.

There is a creative formula of how things work in this mundane world: thought, word and deed. On the face of it, this seems simple but in the sphere of the relative, for you to see something as simple you have to comprehend the concept of complexity.

We Were Living Consciously…

If human beings were fully conscious all the time then there would be no problem with this creative formula of these three: thought, word and deed. If that is so, that would make us conscious of the thoughts that goes our heads, dismiss those thoughts that do are not aligned with the purpose and retain and pursue the ones that do serve us.

We Were Living Consciously…

If we were living consciously in this world, we would constantly check our words to make sure that we speak and write only those things that are genuine for us. We would comprehend the power of words to rejuvenate or hurt and we would speak and write only the ones that reflect our innermost feelings and character.

If we were living consciously in this world, then we can see how the actions we pursue affect everything that is related with that action. We would not consciously opt to do something that would injure people or disrupt the environment in a manner that would be injurious to all living creatures.

Life Hack of The Art of Living Consciously

If we all lived consciously and made all of our options in a state of consciousness, then we could consciously have a life and a humanity that would yield the highest values that we have as humans and as societies.

Yet, we live in a relative setting of dualities so we have an option to live and act consciously or unconsciously.

Being unconscious does not literally denote that you are asleep or in a state where your processes cannot function. You are still in the awakened state but you are not aware of the decision making process that is an currently unfolding as part of your every day life. We are in a continuum of making choices. Everything we do and say is a choice.

Life Hack of The Art of Living Consciously

We make so many choices that we usually assign many of these options to patterns of behavior that may permit us to just automatically grab a choice that is congruent with how you have defined your life.

The query should now be popped right now, “Am I living consciously or unconsciously?” If the answer is in the alternative ask yourself this question, “Am I consciously living the life of my every intention, wish and desire?” And now query yourself again, “Am I living consciously or unconsciously?”

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