Cy-yo (Cycle Yoga) – Benefits & How To Start Cy Yo?

Cy to, otherwise known as cycle yoga. Has become one of the biggest boosts to the yoga community recently. While it might seem unorthodox to combine both cycling and yoga, you may wish to think again!

This combination has become the next best thing in World Yoga.

This brilliant style of yoga was created by Curt Dalton. A well known fitness instructor who had gotten their certifications both in indoor cycling and yoga. It was then that he got the idea for Cy Yo (cycle yoga). Of which is considered to be an evolutionary approach to getting fit and keeping your mind as fit as your body.

What is Cy Yo?

Much like any other style of yoga, cy yo (cycle yoga) has a basis in the overall wellness fitness of one’s body. Not only does the practitioner seek to get fit through cy yo, but to find their inner selves again. Allowing them to heal from the daily wear and tear that our bodies go through.

Despite its difference to your standard form of yoga, you will find that this captivating new style may be right for you. However since it is so different, it isn’t suggested that you practice this style of yoga without a teacher present. Simply because it does pose a safety risk.

To find a cy yo yoga class, you will need to do a little extra research. However, this can easily be done by canvassing your area for local fitness clubs or yoga classes.

Some Benefits of Cy Yo (Cycle Yoga)

This style of yoga helps to tie together many different aspects of many people’s ultimate fitness goals. Allowing its practitioners to lose weight, gain muscle; regain control of one’s muscles, breathing techniques to help us stay calm, as well as meditation.

How You Will Start Cy Yo?

So what can you expect in your first session of cy yo (cycle yoga)? Plenty! While it might seem a little odd to see cycles in the middle of your yoga practice.

There are many practitioners of yoga that stand by cy yo, and the means in which it helps us to achieve the greater goal of life. There are so many different intricate pieces to the practice of cy yo that it would be impossible to list them all. However we will cover the basics, so that you can better understand the style of cy yo yoga.

Your typical cy yo will begin with a maximum ten minute flow (or yoga flow), that is centered on the energy in one’s muscles. Allowing you to lubricate and warm up the joint and muscle structures.

Not only preventing possible injury throughout the practice, but allowing you to open your mind to the yoga way of life before your poses. It is this ten minutes that is considered to be the grounding, or centering portion of your cy yo practice. Allowing you to prepare for what is left to come in your one hour session.

Now that you have completed your warm up, you will then begin to learn a little more of the substantial postures. While it isn’t possible to perform all of your standard yoga postures while perched on a cycle, there are enough that will aid you in getting fit.

After you have had the chance to warm up your muscles in the first ten minutes of your practice, you will then begin to focus on more substance. For approximately forty minutes, most cy yo practice will participate in your standard (or fairly standard) cycling.

However, during this cycling practice you will begin to pay more attuned attention to your energy centers. This is done by utilizing visualization techniques and breathing techniques, both of which your certified cy yo (cycle yoga) teacher will teach you.

Once you have completed this seemingly taxing forty minutes of indoor cycling. You will find that your body has released a good portion of your negative energy or exertion it had once felt. Allowing you to become detoxified.

It is this state of mind that helps us to relive the yoga method throughout our daily lives. It has also been proven that these forty minutes of cardio can help to boost one’s energy, making it particularly wonderful to practice just before heading off to work.

Much like you began, you will begin to wind things down through meditation and slower cycling. Allowing you to reconnect with reality and to calm your muscles. It is thought of as the refocusing session of your cy yo (cycle yoga) practice. Simply because it is meant to draw you back down to earth, calm, and create a positive energy throughout our bodies.

While this might not seem like much, this is the more difficult styles of yoga to practice. Simply because it does take a certain amount of balance.

Cy Yo is particularly wonderful for intermediate or expert yoga practitioners. It isn’t highly recommended for those who may be new. Simply because it does pose an injury risk, of course that is when it is not something you are familiar with.

Most yoga practitioners have some sort of expertise in keeping themselves fit and safe. Thus making it possible for them to participate in this unique form of yoga. Remember however, if you are new to the world of yoga. It is of the utmost importance to choose your teacher wisely.

As you might already know, most of our exercise programs are developed to make improvements on our physical well being. Most of which relies heavily on toning, strengthening, and bulking our muscles.

However, cy yo stands out above your standard fitness regime. Instead like stated in the other portions of this article, it helps you gain not only physical fitness but mental wellness as well.

Is Risk Factor Much Higher In Cy Yo?

Fortunately for all of us, cy yo (cycle yoga) is fitting for almost everyone. Whether it is a difference in age, sex, or even lifestyle. However with that said, this probably isn’t the best choice for those who are trying to treat an injury or disability through yoga.

Simply because the overall risk factor is much higher in cy yo, then say chair yoga. With that said, if you still feel that cy yo is the perfect match for you. It is always wise to discuss this style of yoga (or any other fitness program) with your doctor before starting. This will help to insure that you won’t over do it with your body’s own physical limitations.

The Bottom Line

In your cy yo practice, you might find that you are serenaded by different styles of music.

Cy Yo tends to be a little more up beat (or tempo) if you will, for a good portion of your practice. Thus making it possible to play something with a little more energy. However, don’t expect to hear base lines and guitar rips in your cy yo practice. Typically they will play an assortment of Celtic and other more uplifting styles of tunes.

Another fact that you should know about cycle yoga (cy yo), is that it helps us to bridge the gap between east and west within the United States. While your Eastern states focus more on attuning the mind. The Western coast is more muscle and tone minded.

What are you waiting for? It’s now time for you to begin your new practice in cy yo!

If you want to share your experience with Cycle Yoga, than please do comment below. It will be helpful to people who want to do Cy Yo.

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