Anti-Gravity Yoga: Tips for Beginners, Health Benefits and More

You may have seen circus performers or television show hosts hanging upside down using harnesses or hammocks and twisting their body into interesting poses.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to try this exciting form of exercise, then you might give anti-gravity yoga a try.

antigravity yoga Pose by young woman

What is Anti-Gravity Yoga?

Anti-gravity yoga is a form of yoga that is performed suspended in the air, using a type of hammock to increase the ability to perform a variety of intricate poses.

Whether you have been doing yoga for years and just want to try a new form, or you are new to any type of alternative exercise, anyone can benefit from the practice of anti-gravity yoga.

It is is a hybrid type of yoga.

Benefits of Anti-Gravity Yoga

Anti-gravity yoga has many benefits that other types of yoga and forms of exercise do not.

First, it is very therapeutic for anyone who suffers from chronic joint and muscle pain, because it is so low-impact.

It decompresses the spine and other joints through inversion, so individuals with back problems, joint discomfort, or anyone who spends a lot of time of their feet can find relief from the constant pressure that daily life puts on a person’s body.

Secondly, it is a great cardio-vascular workout and it also creates a spiritual connection that many experience through other forms of yoga because it puts you in touch with your body.

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Anti-gravity yoga is also an art form and a creative outlet for many people. If you feel like your morning treadmill duty is getting you down and that you don’t have room in your life for anything expressive, then you might consider exchanging your trip to the gym for an anti-gravity yoga practice.

Anti-gravity yoga can awaken a whole new person in you, through the creative moves that start out easy and move to more and more difficult. There is even room for you to create your own poses. You might wonder how you ever managed to live without this spiritual, whole-body experience.

Why Need Practice Anti-Gravity Yoga?

Anti-gravity practices such as anti-gravity yoga have been shown to benefit individuals in an emotional way, in addition to the physical benefits.

The motions and the upside down movements in anti-gravity yoga have the power to lift one’s spirits and help alleviate stress.

When you couple that with the endorphins released in exercise and the pleasure one can receive from stretching the muscles, anti-gravity yoga can become a lifestyle, the perfect way to manage your daily activities and emotions in a healthy and positive way.

Anti-Gravity Yoga Poses

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in trying anti-gravity yoga, you might feel a little at a loss. After all, anti-gravity yoga isn’t like other types of yoga, where you can just pick up a video at the library and try it at home.

It requires some instruction and quite advanced equipment.

Fortunately, anti-gravity yoga classes are popping up across the country, as it gains popularity and interest is piqued. Many gyms and yoga studios are now offering anti-gravity yoga classes, so you can find one in your area.

There are also many individuals teaching anti-gravity yoga privately in their home studios or among friends.

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